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Bob Ferguson Songwriter - Singer, guitar, whistles,bohdran, harmonica.

Bob Ferguson Songwriter performs all his own songs. From the early days of Beggars Row and Celtic Horizon, then through hundreds of solo performances. Bob's songs are mostly written to involve the audience with easily learned choruses and medleys. Audiences sing-a-long with most of Bob's new songs at the first chorus. 

Older favourites written by Bob such Abbo Kintay, Soldiers of Peace and a Thousand miles from home are often in his sets.

In the last year, Bob has written many new songs and indeed is still active in writing.

Many of these new songs will appear in future concerts along with Bob's constant humour and fun loving attitude towards audiences.

Bob's new Cd 'I will fly like an eagle in the sky' was released on 3rd March 2018. Lookout for Bob's next CD in the summer of 2018, titled, 'Stop the wars-Save the children'.

Bob Ferguson Songwriter - Bio for press and shorter publications

Bob Ferguson Songwriter performs all his own songs from traditional to modern style Folk music. Old favourites from Beggars Row and Celtic Horizon are included. All bob's songs are written for maximum audience participation with easy to learn choruses and humour links the songs together.Bob is very flexible to whatever kind of audience he performs to. With seventeen years experience, He is a seasoned professional.

Bob Ferguson Songwriter - Twitter Bio

Bob performs his own songs in various styles of folk music from traditional to modern styles.

The Parody Man Bio

Bob's Parody Man act centres around fun for all the audience. Bob turns old favourites and standards from many genres into comedy songs, many tinged with a slight adult humour. However, his material is safe for most audiences.

Songs Bob has converted are, Yellow Submarine = Tartan Submarine, 500 miles = 500 beers, I'm too sexy(for my kilt), others include, Leaving on a Jet Plane, Wild Rover, Whisky in the jar and the hilarious Sex on Fire = Ass on fire.

Bob can tone the choice of songs down to suit the audience. His own comedy songs are included such as I'm a ghost, The Willie washers, Little Billy and the audience IQ tester the P.H.U.C.K.O.P.H song.

Many more songs have been converted by Bob to become funny teasing songs, never too rude to offend, while at the same time twisting the thoughts of the audience.

In between songs are often included hilarious true stories from his playing career, mostly while traveling on the road. The stories are many but, never too long. The songs and the laughter are too demanding to wait too long.


Watch out for Bob's new parody man CD in 2019.


The Parody Man Bio- for press and shorter publications

The Parody Man creates a fun night of songs and humour. Old and new favourites from many genres are rewritten and transposed into songs of comedy. Audiences enjoy a fun filled night with songs that make you think but, never shock, and never too rude for all adult audiences. The Parody Man arranges his song sets to suit the type of audience, in particular if children are participating. Songs such as Yellow Submarine = Tartan Submarine, 500 Miles = 500 Beers or his own version of the Wild Rover. Laced with true and funny stories from years of touring. His concerts are happy events.

The Parody Man - Twitter Bio

The Parody Man turns old standards into songs of humour and fun. All genres covered.

Bob Ferguson Celtic Folk Singer BIo

Bob Ferguson performed worldwide for seventeen years as a lead singer in Beggars Row and Celtic Horizon. Bob has performed in many other bands too. His solo acts are booked throughout the year. 

Bob's Celtic Folk Singer act covers standard favourites from Scottish, Irish and contemporary folk. Bob also includes some of his own songs to suit the occasion and audience.

Standards included are Whisky in the jar, I'll tell my ma, Loch Lomond, Flower of Scotland, Auld lang syne, Killiecrankie, Molly Malone, Caledonia, Those were the days, Carrickfergus, Summertime, Real old Mountain Dew, The Drunken sailor and many more.

Bob places the emphasis on uptempo fun with a happy atmosphere, tinged with beautiful ballads when required.

Watch out for some surprising twists to his songs and he also is more than capable of teaching the audience to do a Scottish dance such as the Gay Gordons or Orcadian Strip the willow as audiences sing and dance along to a well-known song.

Bob mainly performs with his voice and guitar. However, he often adds other instruments to his act and has some surprises for chosen audience members to accompany him.


Bob Ferguson Celtic Folk Singer Bio for Press and shorter publications

Bob Ferguson has performed worldwide with many bands such as Beggars Row, Celtic Horizon, Celtic Crazy Clan, and Celtic Hearts.

Bob's Celtic Folk Singer act covers standard favourites from the Scottish, Irish and folk scene. His mood is uptempo and happy with the occasional ballad thrown in. Watch out for some Scottish dances too. If you are out for a quiet, sombre evening then Bob will snap you out of that mood and send you home singing and happy. 

Bob Ferguson Celtic Folk singer - Twitter BIo

Bob Ferguson performs Scottish, Irish and other folk songs in his own style.From standards to modern.

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