The 2019 season is now underway and it's great to be out there performing for you all again.

I look forward to performing in Denmark, Netherlands, Germany and Scotland among others this year.

Look out also for my other bands such as Celtic Horizon Band and Celtic Alba.


My debut Novella will we be released in 2019 also.




Welcome to Bob's solo website. This website features both bob's solo music acts and his novel writing. Having been the frontman of the highly successful Beggars Row for seventeen years. Beggars Row retired from touring after the Skagen Festival in Denmark on 6th July 2014.

Bob has performed to great success with repeat bookings from every venue he has performed at.

The first act is titled 'Bob' Ferguson.' In this act, Bob sings Scots/Irish, Country, mainstream, rock and some of his own songs. Suitable for all mixed audience genre venues.

Act two is 'Bob Ferguson Songwriter.' Where Bob sings mostly his own compositions with easy to sing-a-long choruses. Suitable for audiences who like to listen and sing-a-long. From folk clubs to festivals.

Act three is 'The Parody Man.' Where Bob turns well-known songs from all music genres into humorous parodies. Bob also writes original comedy songs too. This act is suitable for audiences who react to comedy and fun songs.

Act four is Bob Ferguson sings Trad' Where Bob sings mainly Scottish or Irish traditional songs.

Bob has more band projects Read about them on the website.

Bob's writing is his latest passion and a lifelong desire to be not only a songwriter but also a novelist.

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  • Mar 25
    Celtic Horizon Band Concert Tour Denmark,  various

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