Bob sings parodies of famous folk, country and pop songs. Also other genres such as opera or classical. With Bob anything goes. Bob various the songs to suit the audience or venue. From nice funny songs to naughty funny songs. Bob has made parodies of;

  • Leaving on a jet plane,
  • Sex on Fire,
  • Summer Holiday,
  • Wild Rover,
  • I dreamed a dream,
  • Cam ye o'er frae France.
  • Sitting in the dock of the bay,
  • Act naturally,
  • Yesterday,
  • The peeping tom,
  • I'm too sexy
  • 500 miles,
  • Seven drunken nights,
  • Maids when your young,
  • and many more.

Also included are well known funnies

  • Like Alice (who the **** is Alice),
  • Under the Scotsman's kilt,
  • Bright side of life.
  • The day my wife met my girlfriend,
  • Sick note,              

Bob Also writes funny songs too for the act. Songs such as;

  • The P.h.u.c.k-o.p.h. song,
  • I'm a ghost,
  • The Willie washers,
  • Little Billy,
  • I remember,
  • Just one more beer,
  • Once a month song,

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