Bob Ferguson Songwriter is Bob's solo act where he sings mostly his own songs and compositions. From songs, he sang with Beggars Row and Celtic Horizon and many others. Songs such as;

  • Abbo Kintay,
  • Soldiers of Peace,
  • A thousand miles from home,
  • Take me home,
  • My lovely rose,
  • Dance across the rooftops.

Other songs such as;

  • Drink away,
  • I am easy,
  • Marry arry me,
  • The Slaves song,
  • Heavin haul away,
  • Man of the river,
  • The Devils at your back.
  • Same old Glasgow city,
  • Standing in the rain,
  • never on a Saturday,
  • Oollee Allee ay
  • let's keep the walls down,
  • sunset and sunrise,
  • Will you be my friend,
  • Stop the wars,
  • many more songs also.

Bob's songwriter act is more mellow than his other acts. Bob varies his song selection to suit the audience and venue.                               

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