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My new album project The Burning Times is almost finished. The album will feature songs all about the time period of the battle of Culloden. For all of the Outlander series fans out there, you will have watched this time period in the series. 

The album had been finished in my mind and just needed mastered. However, it's good to leave an album sitting for a while and to listen again with fresh ears.

During that time I had another couple of ideas I wanted to add and I noticed a couple of things  I thought I could do better. lol. I will start on the album again around the 7/8th January and hopefully be finished by the end of the month

The songs will have been a mix of traditional Scottish songs and my own new songs written especially for the album. 

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Christmas day is here - single available for download now


STOP THE WARS - SAVE THE CHILDREN will be released in 2020. Although the title is a protest against wars. The album is a mix of moods and styles and easy to sing-a-long with and nearer the release date pre-ordering will be available at a discount price compared to the release date.


As well as the two albums already well on the way to being released in 2020. I am nurturing the crazy notion of 3 more albums. One is for my PARODY MAN act. In this act, I rewrite the words of famous songs from many genres in humouristic way. This has been in the works for a long time. 

Another album is a TRADITIONAL ALBUM of my favourite traditional songs. Finally, the last album would be for my BOB FERGUSON TROUBADOUR act. In that act I cover from folk to pop to country, 60's and 70's and more. I plan to record the numbers I have made my own by doing them my way including the mash-ups and medleys.

Why so many albums you may ask? Well, when I got into the music I had no plans to be gigging and touring around the planet. I wanted to be a songwriter. That was my burning ambition to just write and write songs and record them. I'm glad I did get into performing and won't stop until my body says enough or I fall down permanently. lol

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