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Christmas Time with chords   KEY C

Intro C  F   G 


C                          F             G 

Snow is falling, bells do chime, 

C             Am          F                G 

Soon it will be Christmas time 

Am       Em             F         C 

Many trees light up the town, 

Dm         C                          G 

Friends visit and gather round. 


Verse 1 

C                        F                  G 

Grandparents open their doors, 

C             Am           F      G 

For tiny feet who will explore, 

Am         Em          F         C 

Parents laugh at times reborn, 

     Dm             C                         G 

The house is busy, cosy and warm. 


Verse 2 

C                              F         G 

Light the candles of our town, 

C           Am      F          G 

Carol singers roam around, 

Am      Em       F          G 

Angel voices fill the air, 

     Dm     C                   G 

Full of love for all to share. 


Verse 3 

Children gather in the snow, Smiling faces all aglow, 

Snowball fights they do play, Children wish for longer days. 

Verse 4 

loved one’s rush around the shops, paper wrapped around each box, 

Arms laden with Christmas gifts, It’s the season to forgive. 


Verse 5 

The bells do ring on Christmas eve, Children dream to believe, 

In the morning come the sun, Presents new for everyone. 

Verse 6 

Children wake with joyful eyes, Below the tree their Christmas prize, 

The day is filled with smiles and fun, Christmas day has truly come. 

Chorus x 2 


For Christmas day is here…