Scotland around the Tinto Hill and north of the Southern Uplands. Andrew retired on health grounds, has sat outside his hill cottage for the last few days. The scene is beautiful and the weather has been sunny for most of the week. He sits outside not because of the weather. It is in fear of all the tremors that have been happening regularly for the last few days. They are getting stronger.

He has been a victim of earthquakes before when his lover died trapped in Japan. Scotland and the UK do not not have earthquakes like these ones. He senses tragedy is about to hit the region. The government have been assuring everyone that it will pass. Andrew  cares not for their opinion. He refuses to sit inside the cottage until bedtime. the news on the radio announced earlier the epicentre is an old faultline.From his garden He can see where the line runs, barely two miles away.

It happened so sudden. the loud bang that reverberated along the ground. The rush of air and deafening rumbling sound. His chair fell backwards as if a rug had been pulled out from under him. Then the skies seemed to move and he felt the rush of wind blow him inside the cottage door.

The cottage shook violently as all the furniture followed Andrew to the rear wall of the room. Andrew felt his heart pound like a hammer as the whole cottage seemed to be moving forward. riding up and down over bumps and hills, the roof collapsed and crashed all around him. Dizziness swept over his head and blackness cast a veil over his eyes as he thought to himself. This is no earthquake.